Mirror, Mirror

Slippery Slope
One down, innumerable more to go

just finished fighting skaven, nard fled before fight ended
nard is worried about percival
pays him a visit, warns him about the skaven threat, admits he was chasing one with “buddies”, encourages percy to take measures to protect himself
nard tells about the rat-man who was on top of the capital building, with the kidnapped child and the lightning and the disappearing act
percival offers nard some money to buy protective items like armor, says he will go to the city watch and find out what is known
I go back to the dwarven quarters, but my friends are absent
L is stable so I go to visit Von Leuter
I head to Von Leuter and meet the elven head of the guard, Irunel Tandilinma
three Knights of the Wolf, srs business
irundel is being armored, white robes, purple/gold trim, not scarred or rough
give him a run-down
wants to send Nard on an errand
sending me to another elf, near the edge of the city
meet someone who knows how to kill skaven? and knows the sewers
that elf and irunel have bad blood
Irunel gives me a substantial pouch of money for bribing this other elf
the parchment Irunel gave me is supposed to have directions
I can make out a name, Taldir Barkskin, ____Goose (location)
Kaspar finds me at the palace, shuttles me off to an alley
introduces his (new friend?) elf friend Loren Kopek
kaspar and loren had encountered an evil skeleton at slick rick’s, which was wrecked a second time
cesare’s house is apparently our lodging since loren has been staying there
we all three troop over there, but by the time we get there the streets are basically empty
nard tells about irunel and the directions
kaspar recognizes the note as classical shorthand
nard sees that irunel has nautical tattoos
nard wakes up to scratching noises
grabs his spear
wakes kaspar across the hall
loren wakes up, peeks outside and sees a cloaked skaven (talking?) outside the house
kaspar and nard grab their armor and slip it on
nard makes eye contact with a skaven across the street and tries to bluff that he didn’t
loren sees the skaven load a blowgun of some kind
loren warns us of the blowgun
kaspar expects the rats to enter through the kitchen, sneaks up to the door prepared to storm in
we hear creaking floorboards in the kitchen
kaspar and loren signal to each other and storm into the kitchen! kaspar cries “prepare to die!” in Talean
they surprise a black skaven balanced on the windowsill
it is holding a punch dagger, and it goes to escape when a dart hits it in the neck
it falls out of the house
we hear movement across the roof as probably a skaven pounds away
nard is postured defensively but loren rushes toward the front of the house, moving with the rooftop sounds
loren sees a two-tailed skaven with two green-coated daggers flee the area
we leave the house and look at the fallen skaven
loren collects the dart(s?) and we check the corpse
there is a pouch with what we assume is warpstone
also a blowgun with three kill marks on it, and two more darts, not poisoned
it does have a small vial with a paper device with a small hole. some has leaked but it’s mostly intact.
loren also cuts loose the belt to collect the warpstone pouch
we head back in
nard dons the rest of his leather armor
loren shows us the warpstone, there are four rocks
kaspar and loren use a mortar and pestle and crush the smallest one, and nard stays a good distance away, expecting an explosion
“nothing” happens (kaspar and loren breathe some of the dust and gain a few corruption points)
we burn a few grains (kaspar uses a spoon from the kitchen)
there is a gout of green flame, full of screaming faces, then the candle goes out
the spoon is melted and some of the faces are visible on it
we are spooked
nard decides to sleep near the hearth, kaspar stays awake to keep watch, and loren goes out to a tavern
session end, +150xp

Solved That Problem!
...and created several fresh ones

11:30 or so, we have the journal from Nero’s office.
We decide to take it to von Leuter. He receives it without much fuss, and encourages us to investugate further.
Stormclouds from east closing in over the city.
We decide to head to the warehouse where the remaining crate is waiting to be shipped out. As we head there we can see the storm could break any moment.
We talk about how we can learn more about the rat-men. We plan to ask around to find someone knowledgeable after checking out the warehouse.
Three warehouses, each with one guard except the third warehouse. It has dozens of guards, many holding unusual weapons (large 2h swords, markings of another city).
Kaspar takes the writ and inspects the first warehouse, looking for the crate. He learns that the first two buildings are inbound, and the third is outbound. We decide to inspect the outbound building, and the writ is enough to get us in to the head of security. He leads us in, mentioning that they had a burglary recently. Some very athletic rakes, he thinks, who took a crate of Bretonian Red.
Liliana has them hoist her up to look at the window, and she sees that the glass was not broken, but melted.
We are shown over to the smashed crate, which held Bretonian Red, not from Mousilion but from Aquitaine, not as high quality. We have him show us to the other boxes outbound for Altdorf.
We see that there is a box, which looks like the right kind of thing. Up close it smells really awful, like the other boxes.
Nard spots a tiny hole in the side of the box, and looking closer the group can see a dusting of the green powder we saw before. Peering inside, we see a clawed foot, obscured by hay. Liliana wants to open the bottom of the box and try to see what was inserted into the box.
She chops at the corner of the box, and we hear a scuffling inside the box. It starts to move, sounding like a rat. At the same time we all start to smell an odd odor, and taste a metallic taste.
Liliana and Kaspar push the crate to a clearer area, but there is a burst of green smoke from it, and as they are choking…
A guard runs in, and we can see his armor is corroded. He yells that the rain is turning green! Kaspar tells the guard to get his men inside, into the basement.
Nard suggests dropping a heavier crate on top of the rat to kill it. He grabs one of the guards as he is coming inside and together they tie up a heavy crate of silverware.
Nard gets the heavy crate under control with the guard’s help.
Kaspar runs and grabs a warhammer from outside.
(we go into initiative)
We hear a POP as the top of the box breaks open. We can’t see anything through the cloud of smoke. Nard maneuvers the box above the cloud of smoke.
Liliana and Kaspar face the box, and as the smoke settles, we see a white furred skaven in gray robes, with horns. Its left arm has a gauntlet, seemingly fused into the skin. It looks up, and sees the crate hanging over its head. It leaps to the side.
Kaspar attacks it!
Nard manages to drop the crate soon enough to still hit the rat with silverware and splinters.
Kaspar raises his shield and deflects the debris, and Liliana dodges perfectly.
Liliana advances on the rat, attacking beside Kaspar. She hits it squarely in the right arm with her hatchet.
He clenches his left fist, and as electricity gathers around his gauntlet he teleports (!) up and across the warehouse, 12 yards away and up four boxes.
We chase after him, and Liliana tries to hit him with her shortbow, but misses.
It teleports again, and perches on a fence outside.
Kaspar races outside in pursuit, and charges at the creature. It closes its eyes in concentration and we can feel another electrical buildup.
Kaspar slashes into its leg, but it keeps chanting.
Nard leads the crossbow-wielding guard outside to shoot at the rat, but he misses.
Liliana shoots it in the back of the head, but it still manages to teleport. There is a pause of a few seconds, then he appears on top of the palace holding a small child, just like in the vision. Then with a flash of green lightning, he disappears.
We decide to beat feet back to the palace district. The people in the streets are panicked, but at least the rain is back to normal.
The guards warn us that Von Leuter is running around like a crazy person since he just learned that the count’s daughter was stolen.
Captain von Leuter is in conversation with a high elf, who explains that although the abduction is a serious problem, the main issue is the presence of the Skaven.
We explain what we found in the warehouse. Liliana expresses concern about the integrity of the water supply. He gives us another writ for the dwarves.
We race over to the dwarven district. There’s still a lot of commotion, but as soon as we walk in, Bori is arranging his armor. He welcomes us in. He tells us that Snorri can tell us more about the skaven, and a contingent of dwarves is heading into the undercity to defend against them.
We jog to Snorri’s, and Nard notices that the golden shield is missing. Snorri is speaking with two very heavily armored dwarves. He says he’s sorry, but he cannot translate for us. We explain that we’re worried about the city’s water supply, and he shares the concern.
He’s heard reports of attacks involving dozens of skaven. He asks us to accompany Bori, Kalen, and some other warriors who will guard the well.
The dwarves are completely covered in heavy metal armor. After swearing us to secrecy, they lead us to a fountain in the dwarven district. Kalen climbs the fountain and pulls on a hammer, and stairs form out of the stones around the fountain. We rush downstairs and Bori presses a button to close them back up.
The area is faintly illuminated by periodic blue crystals. In the distance we hear muted sounds of battle.
The dwarves lead us deep into the undercity, away from the sounds of battle.
After about 20 min of walking, we come to a clearing, and in the distance we hear a powerful sound of rushing water. As we get closer we can see that the power of the falling water is harnessed to pump water up to the city.

No dwarves to meet us?
blood smear
leads into the dark
we regroup
head into the darkness
we hear chittering, see a hole in the wall
look in hole
see red eyes, scare off with light
Liliana looks around with her lantern, when from behind us we hear a rumbling noise.
When we get back to the well, we hear a loud crashing sound come from the passage we just left.
Nard pours out his lamp oil and lights his lamp, waiting until they get close. He smashes the lamp and the flames flare up, revealing skaven warriors in crappy armor filling the passage, hesitating to cross the flames.
8 skaven, chained together, are chased through the fire by a rat-man with a whip.
Liliana aims and shoots at the one with a whip, and hits!
Nard tries to stab one of the rats with his spear but misses.
Kaspar charges in and outright kills one of the rats.
The clump of rat-men charge ahead, attacking Kaspar and Nard. They miss Kaspar, and Nard manages to parry away the weapon, and that rat expires as it is burning.
Liliana kills the whip rat, and Nard misses one of the chained rats.
Kaspar kills another rat.
The rats again attack Kaspar and Nard, missing entirely.
Liliana sees a much larger beast in the shadows behind the fire, and takes a moment to reload.
Nard stabs frantically at the chained rats but manages to miss again.
Kaspar swings at them, and cuts one of them deeply.
That rat claws at Kaspar, who tries to parry the attack, but it hits him in the head, deflecting off his leather headgear.
One of the other rats misses Nard.
Liliana throws her lantern deep into the hallway, burning some of the shield-rats and revealing a large, muscle-bound black skaven in armor.
One of the chained rats attacks Kaspar, hitting him in the chest. Another attacks Nard but misses.
Liliana aims at the big black rat, piercing its armor and making it stumble.
Nard stabs one of the two remaining chained slave rats.
Kaspar kicks the other rat in the face, knocking him into the dwindling flames, then points his sword at the giant rat and says in battletongue, “You’re next.”
The dwarves finally arrive, and with Nard and Kaspar, we close off the passage while Liliana follows with her bow.
The two slave rats flee back towards the skaven line, but are impaled on the weapons.
Liliana shoots again at the black rat, nailing him in the chest.
The Skaven move closer as the fire dies down, and some of the clanrats are peeing on the flames. Nard steps forward and stabs vainly at one of them.
Kaspar leaps forward and stabs at the black rat’s face, but it swats the blade aside, shouting furiously.
It attacks back, but misses.
Liliana aims at the black rat, shooting carefully to miss Kaspar. She shoots it deeply in the right arm, and it falters and falls back. One of the clanrats pees on him after he dies.
Kaspar turns and slices the peeing rat in the head, surprising it.
The rats step up and try to attack the group. They miss Kaspar, but one of them slices Nard deep in the right arm.
Liliana drops her bow, draws a weapon and pushes in front of Nard.
Nard pulls back and looks around the cavern, making sure no rats have managed to sneak around. He sees two dwarves coming down the stairs to the well.
Kaspar ?
The rats miss the party as they attack, but they are still pressed back a little.
Nard tries to attack over the dwarves’ heads, but he misses.
Liliana fiercely attacks the clan rat in front of her, severing its ankle!
Kaspar attacks the clan rat in front of him.
One of the clan rats hits Kaspar in the body, dealing serious damage.
The rats also attack Liliana, injuring her right arm.
Liliana swings against the rats around her, hitting one and missing the other.
Nard misses the rat he attacks.
Three rats attack Liliana, but she dodges and parries, and only the third one hits her.
As the fighting continues, Kalen falls, and Nard runs back into the cavern to warn the town not to drink the water. Borin kills a rat.
Kaspar disengages and heads toward the stairs up.
Liliana kills two rats in one turn, and as Kaspar races towards the stairs he yells to Liliana that they have to go!
Borin kills more rats, and Liliana attacks fiercely.
The rats attack Liliana, and Bori manages to kill a rat.
Nard races up the stairs, and Kaspar breaks some gears so the pump stops moving water up to the city. As the rats realize that the pump has stopped, they start to disengage.
Kaspar and Liliana hear a rumbling coming from the passage behind the rats, but they can’t tell what is the source of the sound.
The two dwarves from upstairs are standing between the well and the passage, and Bori falls back to them. Liliana stays in the passage, aiming into the darkness, and throws one of the crystal lanterns inside.
The rumbling intensifies, and as it rounds the corner one of the dwarves sees it and shouts, “DOOMFLAYER!” Liliana fires an arrow and hits one of the rats operating the strange contraption. It falls off the back, tearing out some wires as it falls. The contraption loses momentum, and the rat steering it leaps off and runs away in a panic.
Session end

The Adventurers Are Repeatedly Swindled
Also there are skeletons and magic.

We still have a day until we visit Snori Longbeard, and we haven’t investigated the college of magic yet, so we take some time discussing our options.
We decide to visit the Frosty Phoenix to listen for rumors.

The victim was Nero, an instructor at the school, taught life magic.
Rumor is that his chambers had a secret room.
Gnarling Goblin, green liquid, add magical salts, becomes a green cloud of fog as you drink

Nard orders a round for the table, and Liliana and Nard seem more affected than Kaspar.
Those affected hallucinate, seeing transformed heads and altered skin color on everyone else who isn’t hallucinating.

After that experience, Kaspar goes up and orders another round, and the barkeep mentions a more “select” drink called “blue gold”.
Kaspar orders one for each of us, and we drink them.
Kaspar sees a scene inside the college. He sees three armed rat-men veiled in black on the roof across from him. One of them points to a window, and inside is a middle-aged man in robes standing at a desk. The rat-men creep closer, and you start to smell the powerful stench of urine. One of the rats throws a disk at the man which strikes him in the chest. They all storm in, and he hears stabbing noises.
The vision ends.
Liliana sees a man wearing black robes. He climbs down a rope ladder and ends up near a large pool of water with trees all around. He raises his hand and three armed skeletons rise up and walk towards Middenheim.
The vision ends.
Nard sees the palace, and the clouds above are very dark. It starts to rain, but the water is green. Then there is a flash of lightning, and on top of the palace a white rat stands, holding a child. People are terrified. He gestures and lightning strikes him, and he is gone.

We all snap out of our visions, and the bartender mentions that most people who drink this stuff don’t see anything unless they are really smashed.
We share our visions, and decide to try to look out of the city from the wall. There is a large mountain range to the east, and we think that’s where Liliana’s vision was oriented from.
The best view of that approach to the city is from the east wall. The bridge on that side of the city was destroyed in the war of chaos. We head that way and after showing the writ to the guards there. They warn us about the unstable construction, and lead us up to the top of the wall. We see a lightning storm in the distance, over the mountains.

One of the guards is staring into the woods below, aiming a crossbow. He seems to think there was movement in the woods. We peer into the woods, but it’s hard to see detail in the woods. We feel like there is something “out there” but we don’t spot anything until Liliana sees a skeleton standing at the edge of the woods, just watching the city.

One of the guards fires his crossbow at it, but falls about 20 feet short. It walks backwards into the woods, watching the city the whole time.
We visit von Leuter, who is just getting a report about the skeleton we saw. He’s in a foul mood, and although Nard tries to tell him about the visions we had in the Frosty Phoenix, he’s completely uninterested.
The next morning, Bori knocks on the door.

  • Bow but not too deep
  • Compliment his beard
  • No ungee armor or metallic belongings, they offend him with their poor craftsmanship.
  • Be respectful.
    Liliana goes to retrieve the scrolls from the alley before changing out of armor and weapons. It’s pretty crowded, so she goes back to grab us and we screen her while she takes out the flagstone and grabs the stuff. We are nearly spotted but we get lucky.
    Back at the sleeping quarters, we change into better clothes, and leave our armor and weapons. Bori checks us over, then leads us all to a short, sturdy home with a large golden shield hanging over the door.
    (Nard notices how easy it would be to steal. Hmm.)
    Bori knocks, and a female dwarf lets us in. We’re expected.
    Inside, the smell of pipe tobacco fills the rooms.

We are shown in to Runelord Snori’s room — he has a splendid beard, long enough to reach the floor and curl up again. He wears a worn, but ornate robe, covered in golden runes. Behind him on the wall is a golden helmet. He wears a nose ring.
He offers us seats, and we show him the mysterious box, the scroll, and Kaspar’s rock of silence. We tell him about the undead and the rat-men.
He tells us that from the things we have brought, the situation is grim.
He points out the rock, and says that it is a tool for assassination. The rat-men have a clan which commits assassinations, and this is one of their tools.
He lists a bunch of symptoms: visions, hair standing on end, racing heart, all of which we’ve experienced recently, as warning signs of corrupting influence.

He asks if we found the scroll near a necromancer… we tell him about the heat-filled house, the skeletons, the mirror-portal. He thinks the scroll is some kind of necromancy, and warns us of the legal danger in keeping it with us. He tells us we can burn it safely if we want to destroy it, which he recommends.

The box, he thinks he can open, but he requires privacy. We step outside and he closes the door. We hear the sound of sliding wood, then a striking hammer. After a few minutes we hear him muttering, then a cracking noise. He lets us back in, and the box is propped open.
Inside it is a small pamphlet in an unfamiliar language, and a vial full of what looks like blood.
He believes that the contents are closely connected with the necromancer. He explains that the pamphlet is written in Sylvanian, which is from a now-damned place. Full of undead and foul influences.
He offers to transcribe the pamphlet for 100 gold.
He also warns that the vial of blood is probably not human, and as we look at it we can see that it’s nearly pure black.
We compliment his beard and take our leave.
We decide to visit the College of Magic and try to follow up on the crate Nero once had. We are able to just walk in, and nobody stops us.
Kaspar sees signs in Classical indicating which school’s office are where. We walk upstairs, and we are able to find what we think is Nero’s office. A sign on the door warns against entering the scene under investigation.
A tall, bald man with a rune-tattooed head stops us, but acts very helpful after seeing the writ from Von Leuter. We talk about the murder, and the wizard says that he has been afraid that rat-men were involved, but hadn’t been willing to believe it. He volunteers that Nero had received two boxes, one of which was labelled for reshipment to the University of Magic in Altdorf.
For a bribe of 10g, he says he will give us the logbook without any trouble from the college. Liliana asks if he has seen signs of the rumored secret room, but he denies it. In his denial though, he reveals that he has heard the same rumors. Thinking quickly, Liliana discovers some dust-free books and starts pulling on them until the bookcase swings open.
Inside, we see an altar or table, with dried blood everywhere. On the floor is some hay, which Liliana notices smells just as foul as the crate we opened.

We leave the irritable wizard and head downstairs. Nard is carrying the book in his backpack, and on the way out, his pack begins to smoke. He dumps it on the stairs, and the metallic parts of the book are glowing red-hot! Kaspar, thinking quickly, pries the metal pieces off of the book with his dagger, saving the book. Liliana moves up the stairs and barrels into the wizard, disrupting his concentration. He mutters something in a language nobody understands and spits on the ground, then stalks off.

Nard collects his things on the way down the stairs and the group heads back to their lodging for the evening.

Nard -25s for drinks
Nard -34g for the runesmith
Nard -10g to bribe the bald, runeheaded, irritable, and allegedly venerally diseased wizard
Kaspar -6g, -25s for drinks
Kaspar -33g for the runesmith
Liliana -33g for the runesmith
+100xp each
Next meeting Sunday the 16th

I'm not saying it's Skaven
but it's totally Skaven

As Nard is resting in the dwarven temple, an armored figure comes in, a tall man in full plate accompanied by a captain?
the man is Karl von Leuter, has questions for Nard
says he thinks Nard and his companions are in league with heretics?
he is seeking out some boxes with chaotic contents
he wants to prosecute me and my friends for being “in league with chaos” for some boxes he’s after
Nard gives him a hard time, claiming ignorance
After conferring with his friend, he comes back in
he sais a merchant named desoto brought the boxes into the city, and has since gone missing
he says if we track down all three boxes, we get off the hook
says Bilgore @ temple of mermidia
back with Kaspar and Liliana
searching for the mirror
Liliana’s hair is on end
someone already broke in to the basement
they find 12 gold, and a creepy warm box with greenish powder on it
it’s empty
two of Slick Rick’s lackeys are poking around down here, wondering what’s going on
they accuse Kaspar and Liliana of breaking in, but reason wins with some effort.
Rick has lost the mirror, and Kaspar and Liliana won’t pay him until he has it again.
they offer to help if he needs it, and he keeps reiterating that he still wants his money.
Rick leaves them to go find the mirror.
Just then, Kaspar notices that down the street, one of the doors seems… off. The door handle has melted? or warped?
K&L figure that since the box was hot, this might be connected
as they approach, they see more of the greenish dust, and they see that the handle has actually started to drip on to the ground
Liliana nudges the door open. Inside looks like there was a fire, but it was somehow confined to the inside of the building. It’s dark and unsettling.
As Kaspar enters, he feels an aura of dread, and it’s very warm. There is a faint thrumming from upstairs.
Kaspar proceeds upstairs, and near the top he sees a portal inside a full-sized mirror. As he watches, the portal shrinks, and from inside the portal a robed figure waves at them. The portal shrinks and disappears, and it becomes apparent there was no glass in the mirror.
When the portal closes, the heat stops and the room has a slight chill.
They look around the room and see some incomprehensible magical scrolls.
They decide to take the scrolls with them and seek the help of a dwarven runesmith.
They hide it inside Liliana’s tinderbox.
They head back to the dwarven quarter to meet up with Nard.
Kaspar and Liliana meet Bori the dwarven smith, and ask if he knows a dwarven runesmith. He knows someone, and will help them contact him, but he explains that such a person must be approached correctly. He also warns them that there are rumors that a high ranking official is seeking them out.
Kaspar gives Liliana his mysterious box, and she heads out to find an alley where she can hide the items under a flagstone.
They find a random bar they’ve never been to and hang out for a while, and then after dark, they find an alley and stash the tinder box and larger box, and as they finish stashing them, a pair of drunk ruffians come up.
They say how it’s THEIR turf and what are you all doing here? They cunningly confuse the drunk duo and leave the alley. Liliana has counted the steps from the hiding place to the corner of the alley so they can find it again.
They head back to Bori’s place, and he assures them he has arranged a meeting with the runesmith.
They plan to leave Nard a note tomorrow since he is under guard.
Detleft Seark, the guard outside the door, is probably in a bad mood, since Nard has been pestering him all day.
Detleft brings in a letter, which explains in Reikspiel-phonetic
jimmy didn’t have what they wanted, so we didnt give him the shekels
have to find a third party
they understand that the authorities are around
There’s a bang on the door and an armored man steps in, and says that Nard has been relieved of the charges, but we are charged with finding the three boxes.
He reiterates that we speak with Dominique deSartosa, a portly fellow at the temple of Mermidia. He believes one of the boxes may have gone to the college of magic in Middenheim.
Nard heads out of the room to meet with Bori, and on the way meets with Liliana and Kaspar. Everyone catches up.
Nard will try to find out more about Dominique, and Kaspar and Liliana will find Slick Rick.
Nard makes his way to the temple of Mermidia. Dominique is doing paperwork in his office as the service ends.
Dominique meets privately with Nard, and Nard explains about the visit from von Leuter. Dominique explains that local rakes had been harassing Cesare, but Dominique insists that Cesare is innocent, but he is worried he may have been framed. He gives Nard a key to Cesare’s apartment with a reminder not to steal anything. Nard leaves.
Liliana and Kaspar visit Slick rick. A lackey lets them in, and Rick has been remodeling—it seems that the chaos warped the wall panels and he is replacing them. The creepy aura is less prominent now.
Rick says he is still trying to find the mirror.
Kaspar asks about the crates, wondering if there are any Tilean fences. Slick Rick doesn’t know much about Cesare’s whereabouts, but he says that Cesare’s well connected with the black market and the criminal underground in general.
Rick keeps mentioning that he still expects to get paid when he finds the mirror.
The party collects at Bori’s.
Bori gives us the formalities regarding the runesmith, “Runelord Snori Longbeard of the Eight Peaks” Tall (human) guests should bow on one knee when speaking, and be sure to praise his beard’s length and appearance. We should be able to meet with him in two days.
Nard lets Bori know we’re working with von Leuter.
We go together to Cesare’s apartment, and open it with Dominique’s key.
It’s nearly night.
The apartment is fairly large, in a busy part of town. As soon as we step inside, the sound from outside is completely muffled. We determine that sound passing between the inside and outside of the house is completely blocked.
The fireplace is stoked.
We explore the first floor and find:
another smaller key
a crudely drawn map (inside a coat pocket) showing his apartment’s connection to “entrance” by some wavy lines.
There’s money lying around that we ignore.
We poke around upstairs—we see two rooms. There is a small office, but none of the crates and such look similar to the creepy box we saw before.
There is a letter on his desk with a quill. Liliana reads it: it’s a letter to his wife saying that he should be back in Tilea in a week or so. He repeatedly mentions a “great menace” and says that tonight he is wrapping up some business at the college of magic. The letter is dated two days ago.
Liliana checks out some of the crates. She finds a bottle of very fine wine, “Bretonian Red”, the same kind we saw on the docks in Erinburgh.
We also look through his ledgers, finding transactions with Erinburgh, Carburgh?, and others. Kaspar recognizes the Carburgh addrress, and Liliana makes a copy of the names from the ledger.
As we approach the other room, we feel a draft of cold air, and through the partly open door we smell urine.
Kaspar opens it, and we see that there is a hole in the ceiling, and a bed. There are some scratches on the floor under the hole. Kaspar notices a small black stone, which he keeps in his pocket. It’s cold to the touch.
K&L boost Nard up to look around the hole, and he sees green powder around the hole, and the metal chimney pipe is bent.
As we leave the house, a group of four ruffians confronts us, looking for Cesare. We shoo them away and lock the door behind us.
We follow the map until we reach a side alley, where again the sound gets much quieter. There is a sewer grate with a lock on it. We try the small key, and are able to open it. We climb in one at a time, although it smells pretty bad.
Inside, things are relatively dry. It seems like a labryinth. Nard and Liliana have lanterns, which they light. We follow the wall, and after some time we hear a sobbing sound. We see a large circular room where there is a connection. In the center we see Cesare on his knees. “Please, no, I did everything you asked me!”
He’s talking with a black skaven called Snutz. The rat-man stabs Cesare in the spine, then drops a black smoke bomb and leaves, since he smells more “man-things”.
Cesare whispers to Kaspar, “Nero”, before dying. Liliana takes his signet ring to prove that he’s dead. We also take from his body some keys (two that match our existing keys, also an ornate key and one with a symbol of Mermidia).
We decide that we will loot Cesare’s house for coin before meeting with von Leuter.
We grab an empty cart and load it up and fence it.
As a note, the bottle of fine wine was worth over 100 gold by itself.
The total haul is 443 gold, which is 147 gold each.
We sleep, then we head to the palace district to meet with Karl von Leuter. His office is busy but he wants to be informed.
We fill him in.
He gives us a writ of permission to search anything we deem necessary at the College of Magic.
We leave the palace district, and from our conversation we realize that the cold stone is the source of the bubble of silence. It has a radius of about 25 feet.
We head to talk with Dominic de Sartosa.
At the temple of Mermidia, Dominic is asleep but the acolytes are just waking up. We head to the halfling bakery to breakfast and to kill time, then back to the temple.

The Great Menace refers to the Skaven.
They are very dangerous, normally active far from here.
Attack in massive swarms, using chaotic magic. He identifies the green powder as “warpstone”, a magical component the Skaven use heavily. It causes mutation and is deadly.
Dominic gives us 60 gold for our help and blesses us.

Session reward: 150xp

December session (rename me!)

2013-12-01 adventure log

Jack, the other investigator, is unmotivated, believes the guards just got drunk and somehow killed each other
heading back to Middenheim the next day
Skip to early evening
they show us our quarters, which are in the large barracks, an open room with bunk beds.
13 or so guards total, 16 or so empty bunks. normally there are about 9 guards awake including party members.
across the hall are the private quarters of sylvanus and hector keck
sylvanus gets an early bedtime, but hector stays out late
trembling jack goes home to middenheim

nard and Kaspar at front gate
liliana at balcont, has a skeleton key
1 guard at the rear, 2 at the dock

if hector goes out tonight, we plan to rob his room in his absence, leaving a note explaining that his 50g debt has been collected
if he doesn’t go out, we wait a night
if he doesn’t go out tomorrow night, we take him in his room and leave

escape by the river, tonight or tomorrow night, available both nights
30s up front, 50s after
he will be waiting for a couple hours each night

nard and Kaspar go to the front gate
as liliana goes out to the balcony, she sees a single-shot rifle
on his way out tonight Hector offered Kaspar an extra 5g, since he has some valuables in his room he doesn’t want disturbed. If we see anything suspicious, kill it. His wording suggests that there is a dangerous living thing in his room that could escape.

Kaspar and nard head inside to meet Liliana, get the key, and prepare ourselves for whatever’s inside
nard unlocks the door, and as the complicated lock starts to open, we hear whimpering
a injured woman of 14 or 15 is in a cage.
they both head inside, and pull the door mostly closed
the woman tells us that her cage key is with hector
and the money and another box is in the dresser in the top right drawer
nard introduces himself to Sela and manages to free her from the cage
Kaspar gives her his dusty cloak and a section of rope for a belt, and she covers herself.
Nard finds good qual breastplate and takes it. they also find some Keck wine, but they leave it
Nard and Sela head out to meet the boatman, and they rendezvous
The boatman says he only has room for one passenger, so Nard gives Sela a handful of silver and wishes her good luck. Nard joins the boatman and they proceed to the hidden branch of the river. Kaspar and Liliana make their way as well, Kaspar heading over land.

Since they are leaving town anyway, we go dig up the hammer we had buried and start walking back to Middenheim. We had forgotten how heavy it was, and decide to re-bury it until we can deal with it.

We walk through the night back towards Middenheim.
Around dawn we hear a man screaming off the road to the left. We head into the forest, where we see an overturned cart with a goblin on top of it shouting orders. Below him, behind the cart, are five goblins with spears.
Liliana hits the leader squarely in the chest
Kaspar and Nard rush up to the cart and start stabbing over it into the goblins
the goblins stab back, and one of them gets Nard in the chest, punching a hole in his breastplate with a spear and dealing 6 wounds
Nard has a hard time hitting the goblins but he eventually connects with the one that wounded him
Kaspar manages to kill a goblin with a single swift stab to the heart, and gets hit by another goblin.
Nard gets hit a second time, knocking the wind out of him.
Liliana hits a few goblins with arrows, then switches to the hatchet and comes around the cart.
While they are fighting, the dwarves free themselves and press the attack.
Liliana kills a goblin with the hatchet, and two of the goblins flee. The last goblin comes around the cart and tries to attack Nard, but misses.
The last goblin runs away
calin rocksun
bori ironbrand
coming from erinburg
ambushed by goblins
ponies are dead, want help moving their stuff to middenheim
we agree to help if they will conceal our identity to other travelers, and we will help defend them if they need it on the way
riders from Erinberg come up the road, but the dwarves are good to their word and deny having seen us while we hide in the woods
the riders continue down the road and we make it to middenheim safely
we walk with the dwarves to their shop, and they offer us lodging and armor repair. We clear out the room, and then Nard goes off to find a barber-surgeon. one of the dwarves leads me to a dwarven barber-surgeon, where he spends 20g and 2-3 days in recovery.

slick rick the gangster

session xp: 125xp

Snatch, Grab, Hired

during the hanging we noted three people who seemed most enthusiastic

a merchant
a scholar
a priest

we approach the merchant
he wears fancy clothes, thin, middle aged
embroidered fleur de lis in his attire, a breton decoration

we have Kaspar approach him
he is Willem Du’marque
he says the Kecks run the town
they have trading papers
he has been here just a few weeks
passed through on his way to Middenheim, decided to stay
Kaspar introduces us as “security and item recovery specialists”
he takes us to his workplace (?)
his help Verona takes our names and will reach us at the singing moon
we lunch and pass the time at the marketplace
Verona finds us later in the singing moon, playing cards
she explains that they have work for two security guards, and they will interview us tomorrow morning to determine who is most suitable
pay is 100 pence per week
job requirements
sound body
no back-talking
essentially servitude while on the job
on call any time
it is early evening
Nard finds two houses with a room open for board.
cost is the same, about 50p/week
Liliana asks the bartender if there are any Tilean natives in town
She learns that there is a businessman from Tilea staying with some merchants in shared housing near the Singing Moon
Liliana and Kaspar visit the merchant
Cesare Desotto is the merchant
today’s hanging victim was working for him
Willem Du’marque is responsible for the trade inequality here
Mr Desotto offers a handsome reward for the return of his goods
he is willing to send at least Liliana and Kaspar out to get his goods back
we plan to send Nard in with a distraction, then have Liliana and Kaspar disable the guards
We discuss the options and decide to help retrieve Mr Desotto’s goods.
He invites us all in, including Nard. He explains that there are four boxes, about 60 lbs each. He offers to send along a few retainers to help us move them. The goods are stored near the Keck family estate, on a pier. The goods are intended for the Middenheim royal family. We ask for a boat to help move the goods quietly.
The boxes should have a ledger with them. They use a very light colored wood.
Desotto’s friend with the boat will get us to and from the pier.
We decide that Kaspar and Liliana will stage a disturbance that should attract the guards, then they will attack them while the boatsman and Nard liberate the goods from the pier.
Desotto gives us some old dusty cloaks to help conceal our identity. He describes a hidden creek where we will unload the goods.
Nard joins the boatman, waiting for the lantern signal.
Liliana and Kaspar approach the dock from land. There are pedestrians walking in the street near the gatehouse, which could provide cover as one approaches the dock. There is a boat docked, with two people in it. They drop off a box at the pier, then continue downstream.
Nard and the boatman see another boat, nearly the same size as ours. It just goes quietly past in the fog, making no note of us, but the boatman is unsettled. They continue to wait for the signal.
Kaspar and Liliana pretend that Liliana is injured with a broken ankle, and ask the guards for help. When the guards investigate, they stab them, completely surprising them. As one of the guards falls, he drops his torches right on Liliana, who is burned.
The guards have 7p, two swords, and two torches.
They leave the guards in the guard house to make it appear that they were unvigilant.
They signal with the lantern, and Nard and the boatman start making their way to the dock.
The boxes are labelled as from Provezzo (?), Fine Tilean Wine, 3 bottles. They smell horriffic.
Liliana opens one of the boxes. Nard and the boatman approach as she is working it open.
She quickly closes it and Nard helps load them onto the boat. Nobody actually pukes from the smell, but we’re all pretty close.
After the boxes are loaded, they open the other boxes, salvaging a heavy warhammer and a small buckler before knocking the rest of the goods into the water. Then Nard and the boatman push off and Liliana and Kaspar leave to meet them at the hidden creek.
On the way to the rendezvous, Kaspar and Liliana discuss the implications of what they have learned. They decide to extend an offer of future work to Desotto, in the hope of catching up with him in the future to determine if he is a lackey or if he’s embroiled in chaos.
We unload the boxes, and Desotto pays us the remaining 20g, plus an extra 5g for our professional work. We divide the gold and head back to the Singing Moon. Before leaving we hide the warhammer off of the road where we can find it later. Liliana cleans up at the Singing Moon. Kaspar cleans up and tries to nap until morning. Since there’s only another hour of dark until morning, Nard strolls the town until sunrise.
Dawn comes and we head in for the interview.
They speak with Kaspar first.
He follows Verona back to a room where Willem is waiting, with both Sylvanus AND Hector Keck.
He plays up his military training, and they admit that their current guards have been disappointing. They lost some goods last night in a robbery, and think the guards were not doing their jobs.
20p per day, boarded in the Keck estate. Saturdays off.
Kaspar counters with 40p/day, but they reserve their offer until they can see his abilities for themselves.
Next, they talk with Nard.
He plays up the advantage of employing someone who has a history of crime, and is familiar with the ways of the underworld. He asks if they can advise him some of the ways previous employees have failed, that he can avoid them. They tell him there is no drinking on the job, and it is important to give proper deference to nobles who are from a better family.
Finally they speak with Liliana. She presents herself as a deepwatcher, and they lowball the offer. She talks them back up to 95.
They deliberate without us for a while, then return with their decision. Kaspar and Liliana are hired as guards at 100p/week, and Nard is hired as an investigator at 120p/week, looking into recent disturbances from those below the law.

The next morning we head to the Keck estate, and on the way we pass the dock, where we see an investigation ongoing. They wave us over, and their investigator explains that they brought in an expert from Middenheim. (A seedy looking man). Liliana recognizes him as Trembling Jack, but says nothing.
Nard and the investigator start going over the crime scene. Nard asks for an inventory of the goods lost, and one of the guards heads off to retrieve it.

Liliana and Kaspar are led to a room where they are asked to demonstrate their martial ability. They put on light armor and are asked to spar with each other. The match is heated at first, with lots of dodged blows and failed feints. After a bit, Kaspar manages to disarm Liliana, and they disengage.

Back at the investigation, the investigator can tell that the guards were drunk, and the goods were smashed and floated downriver. They have sent a boat down to try to recover what they can. Nard asks if any of the items on inventory were valuable, and the only items with real value are the dwarven goods, which shouldn’t have even been out there in the first place. The investigator dismisses the possibility that this was an inside job, and is skeptical that it was done in revenge for the hanging.

We all are outfitted with Keck armor, the cost of which is to be taken out of our weekly pay, half a paycheck at a time.

175 xp granted
Liliana advances weapon skill
Kaspar advances willpower
Nard advances weapon skill

The Adventurers Seek Hector Keck

Lilliana, a deepwatcher from Tilea
Kaspar, a cadet from Middenheim
Nard, a greasy tomb robber from Middenheim

Liliana’s uncle Enzo Vieri is Kaspar’s mentor

We are all seeking Hector Keck, who has fled north to Arenburg.

Kaspar and Liliana are running errands for someone called Trembling Jack. The last errand of three so far is to collect Hector Keck, who has skipped on his debt to a mobster named Jared.
Nard seeks Hector for nearly killing his brother Percival.

We have some pies for breakfast, then head to Arenburg. As we go we teach Liliana some words in Riekspeil.

Nard’s family:
Percival, a moneychanger and arrogant snob
Kate, poor relationship
Jim, father, good relationship

Kaspar’s family:
brother (student), sister (married), and a very young sis

After we have talked for a while, we hear goblins off the side of the road!
Kaspar and Lilliana talk strategy in Tilean for a bit, then we head into the dim, spacious woods.
There are four goblins with spears and shields. The shields have images of a broken nose. They are arguing over some human remains.
We get the jump on them, and they flee, although one of them dies to one of Liliana’s arrows.

Among the two dead commoners, farmers probably, Nard finds 9 brass pieces, a shield, and a spear. He takes the brass and the spear.

We make it to Arenburg, where we find a tavern (THE tavern) called “The Singing Moon”.

The chatter is about Sylvanus Keck, who jailed people for harrassing (someone? a child, nephew) and one of them will be executed soon. We head to the jail to see if one of the inmates can point us towards Hector.
In the jail there are three merchants. They crossed Sylvanus when they tried to sell their goods too cheaply. They were charged with theft and slander. The youngest is Otto Hilitz, the slanderer. He claimed that Hector has underground connections that enable him to sell so cheaply.

We learn that Sylvanus Keck basically runs Arenburg, with a death penalty for slander. We decide to look for work as Keck enforcers to get closer to Hector.

We stay the night at the singing moon. In the morning we awaken to a commotion coming from the town center. It’s a hanging!
An expensive carriage drawn by two well-fed horses BARRELS though the town and pulls up to the gallows. Sylvanus, a fat, wealthy looking man with rings on his fingers gets out, eating a turkey leg, and approaches the gallows. Following him is Hector, a lean man, drunk, who carries a tankard of ale.

Sylvanus asks Otto if he has any last words, and as Otto begins to answer, Hector pulls out the support and Otto falls, breaking his neck.

House Rules

Insanity Points
PCs roll for mental disorders after 35 insanity points, not 10.

Corruption Points
PCs roll for chaos corruption after 35 Corruption points, not 10

If a skill is used at least 15 times before deciding to level it up, it can be purchased at a 25% discount. (PCs to keep track).

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