Mirror, Mirror

December session (rename me!)

2013-12-01 adventure log

Jack, the other investigator, is unmotivated, believes the guards just got drunk and somehow killed each other
heading back to Middenheim the next day
Skip to early evening
they show us our quarters, which are in the large barracks, an open room with bunk beds.
13 or so guards total, 16 or so empty bunks. normally there are about 9 guards awake including party members.
across the hall are the private quarters of sylvanus and hector keck
sylvanus gets an early bedtime, but hector stays out late
trembling jack goes home to middenheim

nard and Kaspar at front gate
liliana at balcont, has a skeleton key
1 guard at the rear, 2 at the dock

if hector goes out tonight, we plan to rob his room in his absence, leaving a note explaining that his 50g debt has been collected
if he doesn’t go out, we wait a night
if he doesn’t go out tomorrow night, we take him in his room and leave

escape by the river, tonight or tomorrow night, available both nights
30s up front, 50s after
he will be waiting for a couple hours each night

nard and Kaspar go to the front gate
as liliana goes out to the balcony, she sees a single-shot rifle
on his way out tonight Hector offered Kaspar an extra 5g, since he has some valuables in his room he doesn’t want disturbed. If we see anything suspicious, kill it. His wording suggests that there is a dangerous living thing in his room that could escape.

Kaspar and nard head inside to meet Liliana, get the key, and prepare ourselves for whatever’s inside
nard unlocks the door, and as the complicated lock starts to open, we hear whimpering
a injured woman of 14 or 15 is in a cage.
they both head inside, and pull the door mostly closed
the woman tells us that her cage key is with hector
and the money and another box is in the dresser in the top right drawer
nard introduces himself to Sela and manages to free her from the cage
Kaspar gives her his dusty cloak and a section of rope for a belt, and she covers herself.
Nard finds good qual breastplate and takes it. they also find some Keck wine, but they leave it
Nard and Sela head out to meet the boatman, and they rendezvous
The boatman says he only has room for one passenger, so Nard gives Sela a handful of silver and wishes her good luck. Nard joins the boatman and they proceed to the hidden branch of the river. Kaspar and Liliana make their way as well, Kaspar heading over land.

Since they are leaving town anyway, we go dig up the hammer we had buried and start walking back to Middenheim. We had forgotten how heavy it was, and decide to re-bury it until we can deal with it.

We walk through the night back towards Middenheim.
Around dawn we hear a man screaming off the road to the left. We head into the forest, where we see an overturned cart with a goblin on top of it shouting orders. Below him, behind the cart, are five goblins with spears.
Liliana hits the leader squarely in the chest
Kaspar and Nard rush up to the cart and start stabbing over it into the goblins
the goblins stab back, and one of them gets Nard in the chest, punching a hole in his breastplate with a spear and dealing 6 wounds
Nard has a hard time hitting the goblins but he eventually connects with the one that wounded him
Kaspar manages to kill a goblin with a single swift stab to the heart, and gets hit by another goblin.
Nard gets hit a second time, knocking the wind out of him.
Liliana hits a few goblins with arrows, then switches to the hatchet and comes around the cart.
While they are fighting, the dwarves free themselves and press the attack.
Liliana kills a goblin with the hatchet, and two of the goblins flee. The last goblin comes around the cart and tries to attack Nard, but misses.
The last goblin runs away
calin rocksun
bori ironbrand
coming from erinburg
ambushed by goblins
ponies are dead, want help moving their stuff to middenheim
we agree to help if they will conceal our identity to other travelers, and we will help defend them if they need it on the way
riders from Erinberg come up the road, but the dwarves are good to their word and deny having seen us while we hide in the woods
the riders continue down the road and we make it to middenheim safely
we walk with the dwarves to their shop, and they offer us lodging and armor repair. We clear out the room, and then Nard goes off to find a barber-surgeon. one of the dwarves leads me to a dwarven barber-surgeon, where he spends 20g and 2-3 days in recovery.

slick rick the gangster

session xp: 125xp


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