Mirror, Mirror

Snatch, Grab, Hired

during the hanging we noted three people who seemed most enthusiastic

a merchant
a scholar
a priest

we approach the merchant
he wears fancy clothes, thin, middle aged
embroidered fleur de lis in his attire, a breton decoration

we have Kaspar approach him
he is Willem Du’marque
he says the Kecks run the town
they have trading papers
he has been here just a few weeks
passed through on his way to Middenheim, decided to stay
Kaspar introduces us as “security and item recovery specialists”
he takes us to his workplace (?)
his help Verona takes our names and will reach us at the singing moon
we lunch and pass the time at the marketplace
Verona finds us later in the singing moon, playing cards
she explains that they have work for two security guards, and they will interview us tomorrow morning to determine who is most suitable
pay is 100 pence per week
job requirements
sound body
no back-talking
essentially servitude while on the job
on call any time
it is early evening
Nard finds two houses with a room open for board.
cost is the same, about 50p/week
Liliana asks the bartender if there are any Tilean natives in town
She learns that there is a businessman from Tilea staying with some merchants in shared housing near the Singing Moon
Liliana and Kaspar visit the merchant
Cesare Desotto is the merchant
today’s hanging victim was working for him
Willem Du’marque is responsible for the trade inequality here
Mr Desotto offers a handsome reward for the return of his goods
he is willing to send at least Liliana and Kaspar out to get his goods back
we plan to send Nard in with a distraction, then have Liliana and Kaspar disable the guards
We discuss the options and decide to help retrieve Mr Desotto’s goods.
He invites us all in, including Nard. He explains that there are four boxes, about 60 lbs each. He offers to send along a few retainers to help us move them. The goods are stored near the Keck family estate, on a pier. The goods are intended for the Middenheim royal family. We ask for a boat to help move the goods quietly.
The boxes should have a ledger with them. They use a very light colored wood.
Desotto’s friend with the boat will get us to and from the pier.
We decide that Kaspar and Liliana will stage a disturbance that should attract the guards, then they will attack them while the boatsman and Nard liberate the goods from the pier.
Desotto gives us some old dusty cloaks to help conceal our identity. He describes a hidden creek where we will unload the goods.
Nard joins the boatman, waiting for the lantern signal.
Liliana and Kaspar approach the dock from land. There are pedestrians walking in the street near the gatehouse, which could provide cover as one approaches the dock. There is a boat docked, with two people in it. They drop off a box at the pier, then continue downstream.
Nard and the boatman see another boat, nearly the same size as ours. It just goes quietly past in the fog, making no note of us, but the boatman is unsettled. They continue to wait for the signal.
Kaspar and Liliana pretend that Liliana is injured with a broken ankle, and ask the guards for help. When the guards investigate, they stab them, completely surprising them. As one of the guards falls, he drops his torches right on Liliana, who is burned.
The guards have 7p, two swords, and two torches.
They leave the guards in the guard house to make it appear that they were unvigilant.
They signal with the lantern, and Nard and the boatman start making their way to the dock.
The boxes are labelled as from Provezzo (?), Fine Tilean Wine, 3 bottles. They smell horriffic.
Liliana opens one of the boxes. Nard and the boatman approach as she is working it open.
She quickly closes it and Nard helps load them onto the boat. Nobody actually pukes from the smell, but we’re all pretty close.
After the boxes are loaded, they open the other boxes, salvaging a heavy warhammer and a small buckler before knocking the rest of the goods into the water. Then Nard and the boatman push off and Liliana and Kaspar leave to meet them at the hidden creek.
On the way to the rendezvous, Kaspar and Liliana discuss the implications of what they have learned. They decide to extend an offer of future work to Desotto, in the hope of catching up with him in the future to determine if he is a lackey or if he’s embroiled in chaos.
We unload the boxes, and Desotto pays us the remaining 20g, plus an extra 5g for our professional work. We divide the gold and head back to the Singing Moon. Before leaving we hide the warhammer off of the road where we can find it later. Liliana cleans up at the Singing Moon. Kaspar cleans up and tries to nap until morning. Since there’s only another hour of dark until morning, Nard strolls the town until sunrise.
Dawn comes and we head in for the interview.
They speak with Kaspar first.
He follows Verona back to a room where Willem is waiting, with both Sylvanus AND Hector Keck.
He plays up his military training, and they admit that their current guards have been disappointing. They lost some goods last night in a robbery, and think the guards were not doing their jobs.
20p per day, boarded in the Keck estate. Saturdays off.
Kaspar counters with 40p/day, but they reserve their offer until they can see his abilities for themselves.
Next, they talk with Nard.
He plays up the advantage of employing someone who has a history of crime, and is familiar with the ways of the underworld. He asks if they can advise him some of the ways previous employees have failed, that he can avoid them. They tell him there is no drinking on the job, and it is important to give proper deference to nobles who are from a better family.
Finally they speak with Liliana. She presents herself as a deepwatcher, and they lowball the offer. She talks them back up to 95.
They deliberate without us for a while, then return with their decision. Kaspar and Liliana are hired as guards at 100p/week, and Nard is hired as an investigator at 120p/week, looking into recent disturbances from those below the law.

The next morning we head to the Keck estate, and on the way we pass the dock, where we see an investigation ongoing. They wave us over, and their investigator explains that they brought in an expert from Middenheim. (A seedy looking man). Liliana recognizes him as Trembling Jack, but says nothing.
Nard and the investigator start going over the crime scene. Nard asks for an inventory of the goods lost, and one of the guards heads off to retrieve it.

Liliana and Kaspar are led to a room where they are asked to demonstrate their martial ability. They put on light armor and are asked to spar with each other. The match is heated at first, with lots of dodged blows and failed feints. After a bit, Kaspar manages to disarm Liliana, and they disengage.

Back at the investigation, the investigator can tell that the guards were drunk, and the goods were smashed and floated downriver. They have sent a boat down to try to recover what they can. Nard asks if any of the items on inventory were valuable, and the only items with real value are the dwarven goods, which shouldn’t have even been out there in the first place. The investigator dismisses the possibility that this was an inside job, and is skeptical that it was done in revenge for the hanging.

We all are outfitted with Keck armor, the cost of which is to be taken out of our weekly pay, half a paycheck at a time.

175 xp granted
Liliana advances weapon skill
Kaspar advances willpower
Nard advances weapon skill


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