Mirror, Mirror

The Adventurers Seek Hector Keck

Lilliana, a deepwatcher from Tilea
Kaspar, a cadet from Middenheim
Nard, a greasy tomb robber from Middenheim

Liliana’s uncle Enzo Vieri is Kaspar’s mentor

We are all seeking Hector Keck, who has fled north to Arenburg.

Kaspar and Liliana are running errands for someone called Trembling Jack. The last errand of three so far is to collect Hector Keck, who has skipped on his debt to a mobster named Jared.
Nard seeks Hector for nearly killing his brother Percival.

We have some pies for breakfast, then head to Arenburg. As we go we teach Liliana some words in Riekspeil.

Nard’s family:
Percival, a moneychanger and arrogant snob
Kate, poor relationship
Jim, father, good relationship

Kaspar’s family:
brother (student), sister (married), and a very young sis

After we have talked for a while, we hear goblins off the side of the road!
Kaspar and Lilliana talk strategy in Tilean for a bit, then we head into the dim, spacious woods.
There are four goblins with spears and shields. The shields have images of a broken nose. They are arguing over some human remains.
We get the jump on them, and they flee, although one of them dies to one of Liliana’s arrows.

Among the two dead commoners, farmers probably, Nard finds 9 brass pieces, a shield, and a spear. He takes the brass and the spear.

We make it to Arenburg, where we find a tavern (THE tavern) called “The Singing Moon”.

The chatter is about Sylvanus Keck, who jailed people for harrassing (someone? a child, nephew) and one of them will be executed soon. We head to the jail to see if one of the inmates can point us towards Hector.
In the jail there are three merchants. They crossed Sylvanus when they tried to sell their goods too cheaply. They were charged with theft and slander. The youngest is Otto Hilitz, the slanderer. He claimed that Hector has underground connections that enable him to sell so cheaply.

We learn that Sylvanus Keck basically runs Arenburg, with a death penalty for slander. We decide to look for work as Keck enforcers to get closer to Hector.

We stay the night at the singing moon. In the morning we awaken to a commotion coming from the town center. It’s a hanging!
An expensive carriage drawn by two well-fed horses BARRELS though the town and pulls up to the gallows. Sylvanus, a fat, wealthy looking man with rings on his fingers gets out, eating a turkey leg, and approaches the gallows. Following him is Hector, a lean man, drunk, who carries a tankard of ale.

Sylvanus asks Otto if he has any last words, and as Otto begins to answer, Hector pulls out the support and Otto falls, breaking his neck.


Adventure was worth 100xp
Nard spent 1silver, and gained 9 coppers and a crappy spear
Nard advanced Fellowship
Liliana learned Riekspeil

The Adventurers Seek Hector Keck
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