Mirror, Mirror

I'm not saying it's Skaven

but it's totally Skaven

As Nard is resting in the dwarven temple, an armored figure comes in, a tall man in full plate accompanied by a captain?
the man is Karl von Leuter, has questions for Nard
says he thinks Nard and his companions are in league with heretics?
he is seeking out some boxes with chaotic contents
he wants to prosecute me and my friends for being “in league with chaos” for some boxes he’s after
Nard gives him a hard time, claiming ignorance
After conferring with his friend, he comes back in
he sais a merchant named desoto brought the boxes into the city, and has since gone missing
he says if we track down all three boxes, we get off the hook
says Bilgore @ temple of mermidia
back with Kaspar and Liliana
searching for the mirror
Liliana’s hair is on end
someone already broke in to the basement
they find 12 gold, and a creepy warm box with greenish powder on it
it’s empty
two of Slick Rick’s lackeys are poking around down here, wondering what’s going on
they accuse Kaspar and Liliana of breaking in, but reason wins with some effort.
Rick has lost the mirror, and Kaspar and Liliana won’t pay him until he has it again.
they offer to help if he needs it, and he keeps reiterating that he still wants his money.
Rick leaves them to go find the mirror.
Just then, Kaspar notices that down the street, one of the doors seems… off. The door handle has melted? or warped?
K&L figure that since the box was hot, this might be connected
as they approach, they see more of the greenish dust, and they see that the handle has actually started to drip on to the ground
Liliana nudges the door open. Inside looks like there was a fire, but it was somehow confined to the inside of the building. It’s dark and unsettling.
As Kaspar enters, he feels an aura of dread, and it’s very warm. There is a faint thrumming from upstairs.
Kaspar proceeds upstairs, and near the top he sees a portal inside a full-sized mirror. As he watches, the portal shrinks, and from inside the portal a robed figure waves at them. The portal shrinks and disappears, and it becomes apparent there was no glass in the mirror.
When the portal closes, the heat stops and the room has a slight chill.
They look around the room and see some incomprehensible magical scrolls.
They decide to take the scrolls with them and seek the help of a dwarven runesmith.
They hide it inside Liliana’s tinderbox.
They head back to the dwarven quarter to meet up with Nard.
Kaspar and Liliana meet Bori the dwarven smith, and ask if he knows a dwarven runesmith. He knows someone, and will help them contact him, but he explains that such a person must be approached correctly. He also warns them that there are rumors that a high ranking official is seeking them out.
Kaspar gives Liliana his mysterious box, and she heads out to find an alley where she can hide the items under a flagstone.
They find a random bar they’ve never been to and hang out for a while, and then after dark, they find an alley and stash the tinder box and larger box, and as they finish stashing them, a pair of drunk ruffians come up.
They say how it’s THEIR turf and what are you all doing here? They cunningly confuse the drunk duo and leave the alley. Liliana has counted the steps from the hiding place to the corner of the alley so they can find it again.
They head back to Bori’s place, and he assures them he has arranged a meeting with the runesmith.
They plan to leave Nard a note tomorrow since he is under guard.
Detleft Seark, the guard outside the door, is probably in a bad mood, since Nard has been pestering him all day.
Detleft brings in a letter, which explains in Reikspiel-phonetic
jimmy didn’t have what they wanted, so we didnt give him the shekels
have to find a third party
they understand that the authorities are around
There’s a bang on the door and an armored man steps in, and says that Nard has been relieved of the charges, but we are charged with finding the three boxes.
He reiterates that we speak with Dominique deSartosa, a portly fellow at the temple of Mermidia. He believes one of the boxes may have gone to the college of magic in Middenheim.
Nard heads out of the room to meet with Bori, and on the way meets with Liliana and Kaspar. Everyone catches up.
Nard will try to find out more about Dominique, and Kaspar and Liliana will find Slick Rick.
Nard makes his way to the temple of Mermidia. Dominique is doing paperwork in his office as the service ends.
Dominique meets privately with Nard, and Nard explains about the visit from von Leuter. Dominique explains that local rakes had been harassing Cesare, but Dominique insists that Cesare is innocent, but he is worried he may have been framed. He gives Nard a key to Cesare’s apartment with a reminder not to steal anything. Nard leaves.
Liliana and Kaspar visit Slick rick. A lackey lets them in, and Rick has been remodeling—it seems that the chaos warped the wall panels and he is replacing them. The creepy aura is less prominent now.
Rick says he is still trying to find the mirror.
Kaspar asks about the crates, wondering if there are any Tilean fences. Slick Rick doesn’t know much about Cesare’s whereabouts, but he says that Cesare’s well connected with the black market and the criminal underground in general.
Rick keeps mentioning that he still expects to get paid when he finds the mirror.
The party collects at Bori’s.
Bori gives us the formalities regarding the runesmith, “Runelord Snori Longbeard of the Eight Peaks” Tall (human) guests should bow on one knee when speaking, and be sure to praise his beard’s length and appearance. We should be able to meet with him in two days.
Nard lets Bori know we’re working with von Leuter.
We go together to Cesare’s apartment, and open it with Dominique’s key.
It’s nearly night.
The apartment is fairly large, in a busy part of town. As soon as we step inside, the sound from outside is completely muffled. We determine that sound passing between the inside and outside of the house is completely blocked.
The fireplace is stoked.
We explore the first floor and find:
another smaller key
a crudely drawn map (inside a coat pocket) showing his apartment’s connection to “entrance” by some wavy lines.
There’s money lying around that we ignore.
We poke around upstairs—we see two rooms. There is a small office, but none of the crates and such look similar to the creepy box we saw before.
There is a letter on his desk with a quill. Liliana reads it: it’s a letter to his wife saying that he should be back in Tilea in a week or so. He repeatedly mentions a “great menace” and says that tonight he is wrapping up some business at the college of magic. The letter is dated two days ago.
Liliana checks out some of the crates. She finds a bottle of very fine wine, “Bretonian Red”, the same kind we saw on the docks in Erinburgh.
We also look through his ledgers, finding transactions with Erinburgh, Carburgh?, and others. Kaspar recognizes the Carburgh addrress, and Liliana makes a copy of the names from the ledger.
As we approach the other room, we feel a draft of cold air, and through the partly open door we smell urine.
Kaspar opens it, and we see that there is a hole in the ceiling, and a bed. There are some scratches on the floor under the hole. Kaspar notices a small black stone, which he keeps in his pocket. It’s cold to the touch.
K&L boost Nard up to look around the hole, and he sees green powder around the hole, and the metal chimney pipe is bent.
As we leave the house, a group of four ruffians confronts us, looking for Cesare. We shoo them away and lock the door behind us.
We follow the map until we reach a side alley, where again the sound gets much quieter. There is a sewer grate with a lock on it. We try the small key, and are able to open it. We climb in one at a time, although it smells pretty bad.
Inside, things are relatively dry. It seems like a labryinth. Nard and Liliana have lanterns, which they light. We follow the wall, and after some time we hear a sobbing sound. We see a large circular room where there is a connection. In the center we see Cesare on his knees. “Please, no, I did everything you asked me!”
He’s talking with a black skaven called Snutz. The rat-man stabs Cesare in the spine, then drops a black smoke bomb and leaves, since he smells more “man-things”.
Cesare whispers to Kaspar, “Nero”, before dying. Liliana takes his signet ring to prove that he’s dead. We also take from his body some keys (two that match our existing keys, also an ornate key and one with a symbol of Mermidia).
We decide that we will loot Cesare’s house for coin before meeting with von Leuter.
We grab an empty cart and load it up and fence it.
As a note, the bottle of fine wine was worth over 100 gold by itself.
The total haul is 443 gold, which is 147 gold each.
We sleep, then we head to the palace district to meet with Karl von Leuter. His office is busy but he wants to be informed.
We fill him in.
He gives us a writ of permission to search anything we deem necessary at the College of Magic.
We leave the palace district, and from our conversation we realize that the cold stone is the source of the bubble of silence. It has a radius of about 25 feet.
We head to talk with Dominic de Sartosa.
At the temple of Mermidia, Dominic is asleep but the acolytes are just waking up. We head to the halfling bakery to breakfast and to kill time, then back to the temple.

The Great Menace refers to the Skaven.
They are very dangerous, normally active far from here.
Attack in massive swarms, using chaotic magic. He identifies the green powder as “warpstone”, a magical component the Skaven use heavily. It causes mutation and is deadly.
Dominic gives us 60 gold for our help and blesses us.

Session reward: 150xp


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