Kaspar Kuhn

A devoutly religious sword prodigy, who is dangerously overconfident in his abilities


A short, slight young man, with cropped black hair and grey blue eyes. He wears the blue and white uniform of the Prietzstock Academy of the Military Arts, and compulsively touches the pommel of his sabre. His movements are relaxed, and he always seems distracted, either in thought or intense observation of his surroundings.


Born on his family’s estate outside Carroburg in 2505, Kaspar Kuhn was the second child a seven generation Carroburg family, being born mere seconds after his brother, Lienhart. The community saw him as a cold and distant child, but that was merely an expression of his intense devotion to the study of the art of the sword. This passion was facilitated by his mother’s lessons, conducted at the ruin of an Elven ancient tower. Kaspar never felt he was able to talk to either parent, but he confided everything in his brother. The distance with his father became acute after Sir Kurt married off Rosanne at age 12 to cover gambling debts with her dowry. As Kaspar’s relationship with his father became more difficult, his mother sought to remove him from Carroburg, to give time a chance to heal their wounds. Consequently, she secured his place at Prietzstock Academy of the Military Arts through her old friendship with the commandant, Captain Bartomar Nuhr. At age 15 he became a cadet at PAMA. Kaspar’s relationship with Sir Kuhn shattered after Kaspar’s conversion to the Cult of Myrmidia while at PAMA.

While studying at PAMA his skills continued to develop, aided by his friend and mentor Enzo Vieri. Vieri, a Tilean immigrant and instructor at PAMA, introduced Kaspar to the faith of Myrmidia and guided him into the Cult. Kaspar’s belief in Myrmidia led to his adoption of a personal code as a soldier, a code which has become central to his identity. His faith was greatly fortified during a pilgrimage to the Grand Temple at Rema to repent of the unjust killing of a local villager in a duel. The duel came about after an argument about a passing comment concerning Camilla Baumann (his love, who he doesn’t dare express his feeling to) that spiraled out of control. Though he won’t admit it, Kaspar drove the argument forward because he wanted experience a lethal confrontation. Kaspar has a reputation as a lively, proud, and rebellious young man. He developed a couple close friends among the locals of Prietzstock, including the innkeeper Matthias Becker of the Golden Haven coaching inn and Semund Hoch, a slovenly-yet-skilled barber-surgeon. The Golden Haven was the site of Kaspar’s most dubious exploit while a cadet, when he humiliated Elector Count Boris Todbringer’s nephew in a “friendly” contest of arms.

A letter from his mother recently arrived at PAMA telling him of the theft of his Great-great-Grandfather’s mirror, requesting he recover it. The only clue Renata had was that the thief, Trembling Jack, had fled toward Middenheim. He is preparing to depart PAMA to find Trembling Jack and reclaim this precious heirloom.

Kaspar Kuhn

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