Lilliana Vieri Da Tobaro

Headstrong, adventure driven and morally true


Lilliana was always a troublemaker – spending too much time invested in fairytales or stories of her uncle’s (Guillermo) travels. She could have married any man in Tobaro when she came of age – and there were plenty of suitors – but she wouldn’t have it.

Her uncle had always told her to follow her desires wherever they would lead. (we can ignore the fact that his lead him to an early death at sea)

Taking her uncle’s advice, she decided to join the Tobaro militia working as a deepwatcher. She wanted to relive the fairytales of evil rat men she had heard growing up. Her father probably could have had her ejected from the militia, but he could not deny any of his children’s desires – even if they broke his heart (literally). When her father died, the rift between her and her family grew even greater. She was alienated by her brother and mother. and with her other sisters having gone off to other lands, there was nothing left for her in Tobaro – nothing worth protecting in the militia.

She remembered the stories that her uncle told her of his other brother, Enzo; that he wasn’t too unlike her. She went to seek him out.

Lilliana Vieri Da Tobaro

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