Mirror, Mirror

Slippery Slope

One down, innumerable more to go

just finished fighting skaven, nard fled before fight ended
nard is worried about percival
pays him a visit, warns him about the skaven threat, admits he was chasing one with “buddies”, encourages percy to take measures to protect himself
nard tells about the rat-man who was on top of the capital building, with the kidnapped child and the lightning and the disappearing act
percival offers nard some money to buy protective items like armor, says he will go to the city watch and find out what is known
I go back to the dwarven quarters, but my friends are absent
L is stable so I go to visit Von Leuter
I head to Von Leuter and meet the elven head of the guard, Irunel Tandilinma
three Knights of the Wolf, srs business
irundel is being armored, white robes, purple/gold trim, not scarred or rough
give him a run-down
wants to send Nard on an errand
sending me to another elf, near the edge of the city
meet someone who knows how to kill skaven? and knows the sewers
that elf and irunel have bad blood
Irunel gives me a substantial pouch of money for bribing this other elf
the parchment Irunel gave me is supposed to have directions
I can make out a name, Taldir Barkskin, ____Goose (location)
Kaspar finds me at the palace, shuttles me off to an alley
introduces his (new friend?) elf friend Loren Kopek
kaspar and loren had encountered an evil skeleton at slick rick’s, which was wrecked a second time
cesare’s house is apparently our lodging since loren has been staying there
we all three troop over there, but by the time we get there the streets are basically empty
nard tells about irunel and the directions
kaspar recognizes the note as classical shorthand
nard sees that irunel has nautical tattoos
nard wakes up to scratching noises
grabs his spear
wakes kaspar across the hall
loren wakes up, peeks outside and sees a cloaked skaven (talking?) outside the house
kaspar and nard grab their armor and slip it on
nard makes eye contact with a skaven across the street and tries to bluff that he didn’t
loren sees the skaven load a blowgun of some kind
loren warns us of the blowgun
kaspar expects the rats to enter through the kitchen, sneaks up to the door prepared to storm in
we hear creaking floorboards in the kitchen
kaspar and loren signal to each other and storm into the kitchen! kaspar cries “prepare to die!” in Talean
they surprise a black skaven balanced on the windowsill
it is holding a punch dagger, and it goes to escape when a dart hits it in the neck
it falls out of the house
we hear movement across the roof as probably a skaven pounds away
nard is postured defensively but loren rushes toward the front of the house, moving with the rooftop sounds
loren sees a two-tailed skaven with two green-coated daggers flee the area
we leave the house and look at the fallen skaven
loren collects the dart(s?) and we check the corpse
there is a pouch with what we assume is warpstone
also a blowgun with three kill marks on it, and two more darts, not poisoned
it does have a small vial with a paper device with a small hole. some has leaked but it’s mostly intact.
loren also cuts loose the belt to collect the warpstone pouch
we head back in
nard dons the rest of his leather armor
loren shows us the warpstone, there are four rocks
kaspar and loren use a mortar and pestle and crush the smallest one, and nard stays a good distance away, expecting an explosion
“nothing” happens (kaspar and loren breathe some of the dust and gain a few corruption points)
we burn a few grains (kaspar uses a spoon from the kitchen)
there is a gout of green flame, full of screaming faces, then the candle goes out
the spoon is melted and some of the faces are visible on it
we are spooked
nard decides to sleep near the hearth, kaspar stays awake to keep watch, and loren goes out to a tavern
session end, +150xp


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