Mirror, Mirror

Solved That Problem!

...and created several fresh ones

11:30 or so, we have the journal from Nero’s office.
We decide to take it to von Leuter. He receives it without much fuss, and encourages us to investugate further.
Stormclouds from east closing in over the city.
We decide to head to the warehouse where the remaining crate is waiting to be shipped out. As we head there we can see the storm could break any moment.
We talk about how we can learn more about the rat-men. We plan to ask around to find someone knowledgeable after checking out the warehouse.
Three warehouses, each with one guard except the third warehouse. It has dozens of guards, many holding unusual weapons (large 2h swords, markings of another city).
Kaspar takes the writ and inspects the first warehouse, looking for the crate. He learns that the first two buildings are inbound, and the third is outbound. We decide to inspect the outbound building, and the writ is enough to get us in to the head of security. He leads us in, mentioning that they had a burglary recently. Some very athletic rakes, he thinks, who took a crate of Bretonian Red.
Liliana has them hoist her up to look at the window, and she sees that the glass was not broken, but melted.
We are shown over to the smashed crate, which held Bretonian Red, not from Mousilion but from Aquitaine, not as high quality. We have him show us to the other boxes outbound for Altdorf.
We see that there is a box, which looks like the right kind of thing. Up close it smells really awful, like the other boxes.
Nard spots a tiny hole in the side of the box, and looking closer the group can see a dusting of the green powder we saw before. Peering inside, we see a clawed foot, obscured by hay. Liliana wants to open the bottom of the box and try to see what was inserted into the box.
She chops at the corner of the box, and we hear a scuffling inside the box. It starts to move, sounding like a rat. At the same time we all start to smell an odd odor, and taste a metallic taste.
Liliana and Kaspar push the crate to a clearer area, but there is a burst of green smoke from it, and as they are choking…
A guard runs in, and we can see his armor is corroded. He yells that the rain is turning green! Kaspar tells the guard to get his men inside, into the basement.
Nard suggests dropping a heavier crate on top of the rat to kill it. He grabs one of the guards as he is coming inside and together they tie up a heavy crate of silverware.
Nard gets the heavy crate under control with the guard’s help.
Kaspar runs and grabs a warhammer from outside.
(we go into initiative)
We hear a POP as the top of the box breaks open. We can’t see anything through the cloud of smoke. Nard maneuvers the box above the cloud of smoke.
Liliana and Kaspar face the box, and as the smoke settles, we see a white furred skaven in gray robes, with horns. Its left arm has a gauntlet, seemingly fused into the skin. It looks up, and sees the crate hanging over its head. It leaps to the side.
Kaspar attacks it!
Nard manages to drop the crate soon enough to still hit the rat with silverware and splinters.
Kaspar raises his shield and deflects the debris, and Liliana dodges perfectly.
Liliana advances on the rat, attacking beside Kaspar. She hits it squarely in the right arm with her hatchet.
He clenches his left fist, and as electricity gathers around his gauntlet he teleports (!) up and across the warehouse, 12 yards away and up four boxes.
We chase after him, and Liliana tries to hit him with her shortbow, but misses.
It teleports again, and perches on a fence outside.
Kaspar races outside in pursuit, and charges at the creature. It closes its eyes in concentration and we can feel another electrical buildup.
Kaspar slashes into its leg, but it keeps chanting.
Nard leads the crossbow-wielding guard outside to shoot at the rat, but he misses.
Liliana shoots it in the back of the head, but it still manages to teleport. There is a pause of a few seconds, then he appears on top of the palace holding a small child, just like in the vision. Then with a flash of green lightning, he disappears.
We decide to beat feet back to the palace district. The people in the streets are panicked, but at least the rain is back to normal.
The guards warn us that Von Leuter is running around like a crazy person since he just learned that the count’s daughter was stolen.
Captain von Leuter is in conversation with a high elf, who explains that although the abduction is a serious problem, the main issue is the presence of the Skaven.
We explain what we found in the warehouse. Liliana expresses concern about the integrity of the water supply. He gives us another writ for the dwarves.
We race over to the dwarven district. There’s still a lot of commotion, but as soon as we walk in, Bori is arranging his armor. He welcomes us in. He tells us that Snorri can tell us more about the skaven, and a contingent of dwarves is heading into the undercity to defend against them.
We jog to Snorri’s, and Nard notices that the golden shield is missing. Snorri is speaking with two very heavily armored dwarves. He says he’s sorry, but he cannot translate for us. We explain that we’re worried about the city’s water supply, and he shares the concern.
He’s heard reports of attacks involving dozens of skaven. He asks us to accompany Bori, Kalen, and some other warriors who will guard the well.
The dwarves are completely covered in heavy metal armor. After swearing us to secrecy, they lead us to a fountain in the dwarven district. Kalen climbs the fountain and pulls on a hammer, and stairs form out of the stones around the fountain. We rush downstairs and Bori presses a button to close them back up.
The area is faintly illuminated by periodic blue crystals. In the distance we hear muted sounds of battle.
The dwarves lead us deep into the undercity, away from the sounds of battle.
After about 20 min of walking, we come to a clearing, and in the distance we hear a powerful sound of rushing water. As we get closer we can see that the power of the falling water is harnessed to pump water up to the city.

No dwarves to meet us?
blood smear
leads into the dark
we regroup
head into the darkness
we hear chittering, see a hole in the wall
look in hole
see red eyes, scare off with light
Liliana looks around with her lantern, when from behind us we hear a rumbling noise.
When we get back to the well, we hear a loud crashing sound come from the passage we just left.
Nard pours out his lamp oil and lights his lamp, waiting until they get close. He smashes the lamp and the flames flare up, revealing skaven warriors in crappy armor filling the passage, hesitating to cross the flames.
8 skaven, chained together, are chased through the fire by a rat-man with a whip.
Liliana aims and shoots at the one with a whip, and hits!
Nard tries to stab one of the rats with his spear but misses.
Kaspar charges in and outright kills one of the rats.
The clump of rat-men charge ahead, attacking Kaspar and Nard. They miss Kaspar, and Nard manages to parry away the weapon, and that rat expires as it is burning.
Liliana kills the whip rat, and Nard misses one of the chained rats.
Kaspar kills another rat.
The rats again attack Kaspar and Nard, missing entirely.
Liliana sees a much larger beast in the shadows behind the fire, and takes a moment to reload.
Nard stabs frantically at the chained rats but manages to miss again.
Kaspar swings at them, and cuts one of them deeply.
That rat claws at Kaspar, who tries to parry the attack, but it hits him in the head, deflecting off his leather headgear.
One of the other rats misses Nard.
Liliana throws her lantern deep into the hallway, burning some of the shield-rats and revealing a large, muscle-bound black skaven in armor.
One of the chained rats attacks Kaspar, hitting him in the chest. Another attacks Nard but misses.
Liliana aims at the big black rat, piercing its armor and making it stumble.
Nard stabs one of the two remaining chained slave rats.
Kaspar kicks the other rat in the face, knocking him into the dwindling flames, then points his sword at the giant rat and says in battletongue, “You’re next.”
The dwarves finally arrive, and with Nard and Kaspar, we close off the passage while Liliana follows with her bow.
The two slave rats flee back towards the skaven line, but are impaled on the weapons.
Liliana shoots again at the black rat, nailing him in the chest.
The Skaven move closer as the fire dies down, and some of the clanrats are peeing on the flames. Nard steps forward and stabs vainly at one of them.
Kaspar leaps forward and stabs at the black rat’s face, but it swats the blade aside, shouting furiously.
It attacks back, but misses.
Liliana aims at the black rat, shooting carefully to miss Kaspar. She shoots it deeply in the right arm, and it falters and falls back. One of the clanrats pees on him after he dies.
Kaspar turns and slices the peeing rat in the head, surprising it.
The rats step up and try to attack the group. They miss Kaspar, but one of them slices Nard deep in the right arm.
Liliana drops her bow, draws a weapon and pushes in front of Nard.
Nard pulls back and looks around the cavern, making sure no rats have managed to sneak around. He sees two dwarves coming down the stairs to the well.
Kaspar ?
The rats miss the party as they attack, but they are still pressed back a little.
Nard tries to attack over the dwarves’ heads, but he misses.
Liliana fiercely attacks the clan rat in front of her, severing its ankle!
Kaspar attacks the clan rat in front of him.
One of the clan rats hits Kaspar in the body, dealing serious damage.
The rats also attack Liliana, injuring her right arm.
Liliana swings against the rats around her, hitting one and missing the other.
Nard misses the rat he attacks.
Three rats attack Liliana, but she dodges and parries, and only the third one hits her.
As the fighting continues, Kalen falls, and Nard runs back into the cavern to warn the town not to drink the water. Borin kills a rat.
Kaspar disengages and heads toward the stairs up.
Liliana kills two rats in one turn, and as Kaspar races towards the stairs he yells to Liliana that they have to go!
Borin kills more rats, and Liliana attacks fiercely.
The rats attack Liliana, and Bori manages to kill a rat.
Nard races up the stairs, and Kaspar breaks some gears so the pump stops moving water up to the city. As the rats realize that the pump has stopped, they start to disengage.
Kaspar and Liliana hear a rumbling coming from the passage behind the rats, but they can’t tell what is the source of the sound.
The two dwarves from upstairs are standing between the well and the passage, and Bori falls back to them. Liliana stays in the passage, aiming into the darkness, and throws one of the crystal lanterns inside.
The rumbling intensifies, and as it rounds the corner one of the dwarves sees it and shouts, “DOOMFLAYER!” Liliana fires an arrow and hits one of the rats operating the strange contraption. It falls off the back, tearing out some wires as it falls. The contraption loses momentum, and the rat steering it leaps off and runs away in a panic.
Session end


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